First Church of God

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Loving God and Loving Others!

Our Purpose is to bring God Pleasure through our Obedience

to the three Great Commandments reaffirmed by our

Lord and Savior!

Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength!

Love our neighbor as ourselves!

Go into all the world and be a witness!

Our Passion is to be a Christ-like fellowship, demonstrating and sharing the love, hope and grace we receive daily in Christ Jesus!

We are affiliated with the Church of God and our main office is in Anderson, IN.  Histroically the Church of God has held firmly to several important doctrinal distinctives

1. The reality of Salvation by grace.

2. The Spirit-Filled life of holiness.

3. The Authority of Scripture

Over 2,300 affiliated congregations across the United States and Canada make up the Church of God Reformation Movement in North American.

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma